Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Judge

I had the fortune to serve as an election judge last Tuesday. Even though the day is long (16 plus hours), performing that service is one that I enjoy every time I do it. Not only is having the opportunity to serve the community a positive experience, but having the opportunity to see my neighbors come through the door to exercise their civic voice is a joy that I can recommend to everyone. This year was no exception and in many ways it was even more enjoyable as the number of first time voters was high.

In many ways the outcome here in Minnesota is illustrative of the importance of exercising that civic voice. The presidential race was one in which, through the power of many first time voters, an "improbable" candidate was elected and a milestone in our nations history has been reached - regardless of your opinion of the outcome, there can be no denying that this election was different.

In contrast, even though the presidential election was decisive in Minnesota, the race for the Senate remains hinged on a scant few hundred votes. I mention this, because this result also illustrates that while your vote is often just one of many and it is easy to feel that it does not matter, the closeness of this election highlights that if just a small number of people can have an impact.

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