Friday, April 13, 2007

Gimmie my Godly Powers Back

Recent entertainment related case filed in Minnesota. It just goes to show that even the strangest cases has to be defended.
Civil Action No. 05-446 JRT/FLN

Christopher Roller(Plantiff)
David Copperfield's
Disappearing Inc.(Defendant)

David Copperfield has been using my godly powers to perform his
magic. This is a labor dispute in accordance with Minn
Statute 179.06
for past/future commission compensation. explains my life and
my journey to godliness. I believe David Copperfield has been using my
godly powers to perform his magic.
We've all seen clips of UFO videos.
They dance around in the sky at the speed of thought. So we know that
godly powers can coexist on planet Earth. Godly powers means using thought
to control actions/results, usually defying explanation and laws of
physics. I believe magicians have also been granted godly powers by me
somehow, but they have been keeping it a secret and keeping the credits from

If David has godly powers, then he must be using my powers. That,
or I need detailed explanation (in person) of how he does his tricks,
performed/explained in the courtroom (complete confidentiality), and I will
leave him alone if I'm wrong - i.e. tricks/illusions are done
conventionally. I've politely asked David, via email, to show me how his
tricks are done, with no response.

If godly, I want back-pay compensation - 10% past/future career
earnings. Estimating 10% of past career earnings of over

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